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3 reasons why your south America journey should start in Ecuador

Travel to South America can be a fascinating experience, get disorientated with the full off different kinds of Spanish words and accents, try unique foods you’ve never heard about and get joyfully lost through cities you can’t name, start singing reggaeton songs you didn't realize you know by heart (till you start humming it every time you hear it). Sounds tremendous right? But this part of Latin America is huge and you gotta start somewhere, or maybe if your vacation time is short and you must pick one country to spare time, Ecuador is the solution for you.

From the highest mountains to the hottest beaches

Someone once said, “Ecuador es el resumen de Latinoamérica” which means “Ecuador is the summary of all Latin America” to describe the enormous potential of the country to reunite in its modest dimensions, a lot of Latin American features. Let’s say you may want to experience the tropical breeze but at the same time you’ve heard so much about the Andes mountains, and also would like to dive into nature and discover the Amazon forests. Well, Ecuador, one of the most biodiverse countries in the world is the solution. You can travel from the snowy Chimborazo (the closest mountain to the sun) to Guayaquil (the biggest city in the cost) in less than 6 hours! The country is divided into three different climates: Sierra (the Andean mountain part), costa (the coast) and Amazonia (the Amazon jungle). You won’t have to pick one climate, you can experience them all!

"Un dolarito no más"

If you’re traveling with a low budget, don’t worry, you can find everything for only a dollar! Ok, maybe not everything but the point is Ecuador is a great country to make low-cost trips. Most of the time you will use coins to pay stuff, from a daily lunch “almuercito” to interprovincial busses. And the best part to Americans: It’s actually a dollar! The official currency is the American dollar, but the cost of living is very low, so you can easily find a lunch for 2,50, the town busses may cost like 0,35 cents or less, and also you can find hostels for 10 dollars or less. When you take out money don’t forget to make change right away, if you forget and try to break a 20 you will have a hard time.

New flavours everywhere

Babaco, tomate de árbol, naranjilla, guanabana, and granadilla: these are just a few fruits to name how fascinating the fruit journey can be. At almost every city you will find a Mercado, a market that delivers vegetables, fruits and they all look really fresh, and you can walk through the booths and check it out which fruit looks better and also bargain with the sellers it’s a beautiful experience. Besides the great variety of natural raw food you will also find some typical dishes that will make your mouth water, and most of the times you can find them in the market itself (or in other restaurants). From seafood to gusanos or (amazonian worms) you will be able to find a vast menu at your disposal.

Extra reason: People

A country can be full of great features, but if the people are rude or unpleasant every experience will be harsh. Here in Ecuador people may be a little shy at the beginning, it may take some time to trust new people, but when they do, they can become really friendly. Most of the times Ecuadorians are very simple and easy going, and with a tourist, they will do their best to understand them. They are a very saludador folk which means they will salute you even though they don’t really know you, this happens mostly in small towns. They will make you feel comfortable with their childly smiles, which will make your trip more delightful.

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