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Río Blanco

Napo province

Río Blanco

Warm-humid tropical
393 m of altitude
35 families

About this local community

To get to Rio Blanco it is necessary to travel the Napo River by canoe and walk two hours in the middle of the primary forest: an incredible experience, a multitude of trees, flowers and shrubs. Being a community in the hinterland of the Amazon Rio Blanco still conserves 100% of its Kichwa culture.


The people are warm as the weather, always pleasant despite the strong thunderstorms typical of this climatic floor. The inhabitants are dedicated to country life, medicinal plants, soap production, and carpentry, all under one rule: take care of the environment. For each tree cut down 10 new ones are being born, for each soap produced a medicinal plant is seeded.


Visiting this community means to merge and identify with nature in all its forms. The animals noises will be your lullaby, the water of Rio Huambuno will make you feel welcome you in the sunsets, the Anaconda waterfall will bring you new vital energy

Did you know...

Before the construction of the road, the inhabitants of this community used to bring the things on their backs along the old way, such as all the material necessary for the construction of their first school.

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