AYA UMA is a 3BL business of Responsible Tourism Services focused on the Human Development of Local Communities of Ecuador.
All experiences are designed through participatory processes to guarantee their customers a unique and quality journey.
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AYA UMA | Quito, Ecuador | Authentic travel experiences in complete freedom
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We are AYA UMA

Nice to meet you!

A fortuitous meeting was what brought together those who are now part of the AYA UMA team. Everyone with their different histories and paths, but all sharing the same desire to know thoroughly an authentic and hidden Ecuador.

Our first adventures in the country led us to understand that many beauties are hidden in rural communities.  And our great desire to share this discovery with the world is what gave birth to AYA UMA.

Inspired by the spiritual guide of the Andes Aya Uma, it is our challenge to connected both realities: the reality of those who visit Ecuador and the reality of those who are the real Ecuador, those who leads and those who lets themselves go, who seeks and who delivers.

With AYA UMA we want to make everything simpler, so that your next trip directly benefits the local communities and so your experiences are authentic. People are waiting for you!

We work passionately because...

...Together we're stronger!
Imagine working among friends, exchanging different cultures, growing up together and, above all, believing in a bigger and bigger dream? It's what we do.
We are with the communities, we know their people personally and with them we create continuous relationships, as well as solid agreements with a vision of a fairer future for all.

What we do is priceless!

Do you want to be part of it? Know more? Join our adventures?

Send us some greetings!

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